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Listen. If you’re a #spoonie, the goal is not “no bad days”, it’s properly managed bad days.

There’s a saying, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” ☀️🌦️

I’m not saying we need to go through life feeling doomed to have only bad days. That is not a way to live.

Instead of aiming for “no bad days”, we should have a plan to manage our bad days. 📝

I can’t fit enough characters in this post to show you what that looks like, but essentially, plan things in advance as much as possible. Prepare things as head as much as possible. And most importantly, * don’t feel bad when things go sideways and you’re not ready for it. *

Instead give yourself grace and permission to slow down.
🥡 It’s okay to order takeout.
👚 It’s okay to let the laundry sit in the dryer.
🚿 It’s okay to use dry shampoo.

Again, the goal is not “no bad days”. Just do the best you can and most importantly, give yourself grace.